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This is Eskimo Christmas Adventure -- the very first game I ever programmed using Adobe Flash CS5 and Actionscript 3.0. This game was a Christmas present for my sister Hillary in 2013.

Use the arrow keys to navigate the Eskimo and find all the Christmas presents!

This game has quite a few bugs, and there is a small glitch after clicking the Play Again button after finding all the presents, the player is unable to move until you click on him or her. I'm not entirely sure why this happens, but I haven't gotten around to fixing it, since I've moved onto other things. Anyway, I hope you enjoy!

©2013 Pinwheel Games & Animation.

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Published 2 years ago
PublisherPinwheel Games & Animation
Release date 3 years ago
AuthorPinwheel Games & Animation
Tags2D, christmas, winter
Average sessionA few minutes