A downloadable game

Welcome to Sled Racers!  

Cross the finish line before your opponent to win!  Dodge up and down to collect coins and avoid obstacles along the way.  You will move forward automatically.


Left Mouse Button - Dodge/Jump (click anywhere!)


This is an early access build of the game, which means things aren't quite finished just yet.  You may experience bugs or glitches I have to fix in the future.

If you encounter such a bug or glitch while playing, you can quit at anytime using the quit button in the bottom right corner.

Install instructions

Download the file below.

Unzip the SledRacers.zip folder (right-click --> Extract All.  You can alternatively use an application like 7Zip)

Open the unzipped folder, and double click Sled Racers.exe

Windows Defender or your installed security program may deem it unsafe to run, but it's completely safe to run it anyway.  For Windows Defender, click "More Info", then the "Run anyway" button.


Sled Racers (Early Access).zip 37 MB